Does your child struggle to eat a variety of healthy foods? Are they fussy?

Then Tasty Time is for you!

This, 1-hour group class will run for 8 sessions and will be facilitated by a qualified Speech Pathologist with a strong background in feeding and behavioral-based therapy techniques. Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Naturopaths and a Psychologist have contributed to the development of the program.

Tasty time is a class designed for those children who may have challenges with eating, trying new foods, food aversions, or other issues with feeding.

Tasty Time will not only address challenges with eating, but will also address expressive, receptive, and social language skill development. Tasty Time will focus on establishing good eating habits, learning about nutrition and health, as well as appropriate mealtime social skills.

Our naturopath will be present to discuss nutrition and health and provide advice and support to families who would like it. Recipe ideas, diet requirements and sharing of ideas will be topics of conversation over a cup of coffee while the children cook up a storm.

The goal of Tasty Time is to gently assist children to expand their variety food in a fun and relaxed environment. As well as teaching children to have a healthy relationship with food, high self-esteem, and confidence.

$400 for a term of Tasty Time.